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Gwen Penner

11/07/2011 , , ,

Gwen Penner, Xue Faith, Betty Tureaud at Luciella Lutrova's Museo de arte Moderno viewing an installation of Zapatero's work.

Gwen Penner, Xue Faith & Betty Tureaud viewing Penner’s installation at Luciella Lutrova’s Museo de arte Moderno.

In the physical world Gwen Penner is a 2D artist traveling the globe producing books of richly illustrated drawings and making vibrant paintings. In the virtual world, Trill Zapatero is an artist, ethnographer, and architect building the Virtual Afghanistan Museum and the Four Bridges Campus in Second Life. To put a finer point on it, she makes 2D art in the 3D world, and 3D art in the flatscreen world, it is a provocative convolution Penner / Zapatero explores.

Today these parallel lives found their invariant as Zapatero premiered Penner’s book at Luciella Lutrova’s Museo de arte Moderno

The show runs through July 26, 2011.

Penner’s book at Amazon:

Website for Zapatero’s Afghanistan Museum:

Click on any thumbnail image below to enter slide show mode and then use your arrow keys to scroll through views of the installation and samples of Penner’s work.


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